Friday, April 2, 2010

panicked individual - ambient emotions

This is it...this is my one true love - psychill. I can listen to this forever, as my thoughts slowly drift into deeper lands. There, in a another place and another time, I hear the hanging masses of energy calling me. I find myself in front of the burning, blazing infernal doors of avalon, where the departed souls, floating out of breath, dream of when times were good...

Bitrate: VBR -v0
Lenght: 68:47
Size: 122mb

1. alpha wave movement - drifted into deeper lands
2. alpha wave movement - another place...another time
3. cell - calling
4. cell - hanging masses
5. i awake - inferno
6. anahata - doors to avalon
7. magnetik - departed souls
8. cell - out of breath
9. solar fields - times are good (sometimes remix)

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