Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Atys - Sunset Silhouette


1.The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides in the Deep (The Blizzard Intro Mix)
2.Marcel Woods - Inside me (Original Mix)
3.Nadia Ali - Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix)
4.4 Strings vs Tiesto - Catch 10 Seconds (First State Mashup)
5.Tidy feat Tania Zygar - Vanilla (Original Mix)
6.Chris Reece feat Nadia Ali - The Notice (KhomHa Remix)
7.Andy Duguid feat Leah - Miracle Moments (Original Mix)
8.Gareth Emery feat Lucy Saunders - Sanctuatry (Original Mix)
9.Shogun feat Emma Lock - Save me (Original Mix)
10.BT feat JES - Every other Way (Josh Gabriel Remix)
11.Sunlounger feat Inger Hanses - Breaking Waves (Original Mix)

Friday, August 6, 2010

panicked individual - ambient emotions: Symmetry

Life is symmetrical...

COVER ART BY ~ANATEQ: http://anateq.deviantart.com/

1. D. Batistatos - Under Pressure
2. Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries
3. Irina Mikhailova And Govinda - Tare Om
4. Chronos & C.J. Catalizer - Spiral Clouds (Kumharas Edit)
5. Zero Cult - Where Rivers have no Name
6. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Euphotic
7. Solar Fields - A Breeze throug Life
8. Hybrid Leisureland - Exist Unreality
9. Circular - Nothing but Dead Landscape
10. Iambic2 - As Fathers Cry