Wednesday, June 16, 2010

atys - the spirits danced tirelessly as the world died

As the last sun rays made their way through the rainy mist, that drowned the forest into darkness, the spirits celebrated the end of this Era and danced to create the next World.

1. Zimaleto - When Time is Changing (Really Long Ambient Intro Mix)
2. Mirko Aurich - Nosonido (Original Mix)
3. Adverb - Aeturnus (Original Mix)
4. Adverb - Melting Siberia (Original Mix)
5. Pappy Knead & Servello - Silhouette (Original Mix)
6. Psycho Cowboys - Far Away (Riccio Dh Remix)
7. Komponente - Moonlight (Original Mix)
8. Regen - Duege (Original Mix)
9. Alla Farmer - Redub My Mind (Komponente Remix)
10. Muzikalist - Flying Subjects (Original Mix)
11. Didactic Scalica - We Believe (Original Mix)

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